Sustainable Development in our own backyard.

Key Roles

Indigenous Maori peoples have the key role in preserving their natural resources and traditional knowledge, which are the foundation of Indigenous Maori wealth and culture. We are responsible for conservation and maintenance of natural resources and for preserving and transmitting Indigenous Maori knowledge. 
Like our tupuna (ancestors) were practitioners of medicine, pharmacology, botany, nutrition, keepers of  agricultural technology, stewards of environmental, technical, scientific, cultural, and spiritual knowledge; modern Maori growers and gardeners are transmitters of sustainable knowledge to their younger generation to maintain and upkeep the production of kai for their whanau, hapu and are still custodians of biodiversity for the worlds eco-systems.

Metropolitan Maori have awesome opportunities to follow in the footsteps of our fore-fathers in the Art of Gardening!  Yes, our tupuna were expert horticulturalists, scientists.  Something simple like grabbing a couple of bunches of flowers or herbs when your at the supermarket.  Put them into your trolley and make a habit of grabbing some each month.  Soon your garden will be vibrant with colour and aroma.

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Something small..

Yes, something as small as planting flowers or a potato is all part of sustainable development.   Sustainable development starts at flax-roots levels, it starts in our own backyard.  We can assist  and live in an eco-system that sustains itself.

Instilling values, teaching the children, having fun, learning life skills, bonding and developing strong whanau connections is the holistic beauty of sustainable development. 

We develop ourselves by learning and then practicing to live off the land by growing our own organic kai.  Growing organic kai brings a strong sense of wellbeing and even kaitiakitanga (guardianship). 

Its a therapeutic practice that physically challenges the body, mentally stimulates and sharpens the mind.  And we actively recognise that living in harmony with the natural environment is a lifestyle of the past, present and future.


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